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Welcome to the world of . . .Binary Options!

Binary options are a different kind of option than any you're likely familiar with. They follow their own set of simple rules and trade on their own special exchange that has been set up just for them.

But what makes binary options so great is not just that they're different. Their real beauty is that they offer special advantages, especially to new traders, traders on a limited budget, and traders who are risk averse. With binary options:

  • Risk is strictly limited to a maximum of $100 per contract (usually it's much less)
  • You can get started trading with just $250 to fund your account – or open a demo account without spending a penny!
  • You don't need to deal with a broker (you do it all yourself)
  • There is no margin involved and no margin calls
  • Quick turnaround time: from five minutes to a maximum of one week!
  • Commissions and fees are minimal
  • There's no need to trade with stop losses, and slippage is no longer an issue
  • You can adjust your trading process to match your level of risk tolerance

Are Binary Options for You? They May Be If . . .

  • You have limited risk capital and you don't want to have to maintain margin
  • You've been paper trading but haven't found the courage to pull the trigger on futures trading and you want to try something low risk to get your feet wet
  • You've had a bad trading experience and now you want to get back in the markets but worry you'll repeat your past mistakes
  • You don't have much time to stay on top of the markets and you'd like trades with a quick turnaround
  • You're uncomfortable with the risk of trading futures contracts

There are lots of reasons why people don't trade as much as they'd like. And I have to say, trading with binary options conquers them all.

Endless Opportunities

To start off, let me introduce you to NADEX – the North American Derivatives Exchange. NADEX is a US-based binary option exchange, and the only one I recommend you use, because it's regulated by the C.F.T.C. – the same group that regulates the commodity exchanges.

Trading binary options on NADEX is highly regulated and completely safe. Plus, NADEX offers these advantages:

Nadex Binary Options
  • NADEX is an exchange you trade directly, with no need for a middleman – you don't need to open a brokerage account or work through a broker
  • Other than funding your NADEX account with your initial $250 in trading capital, there's no fee to open one.
  • You can trade binary options on commodities, FOREX, Stock Indices, and even economic events like the release of payroll reports

A (Very Brief) Introduction to Binary Options

With NADEX binary options, all you have to do is decide “Yes” or “No” on a question about what the price of a market will be at a certain time in the future. The statement can be about what will happen in five minutes, in an hour, at the end of the day, or by the end of the week (the longest duration trade possible - so you can have quick paydays).

The questions you answer are all of the same type. They're about whether or not the market will be above a certain price (the strike price of your option) at a specified time. For example, a sample question you could answer might be:

Will Gold be above $1,300 at 4:30 today?

If you think the price of Gold will be higher than $1,300, you take the “Yes” position. If you think it will be at or below $1,300, you take the “No” position.

For each position you take, another trader must take the opposite position (you're matched by the exchange). Your premium will be some part of $100, depending on the probability you'll be correct, based on the relationship between your strike price and the current market price. The closer your strike is to the current price, the more you'll pay.

Payouts on the trade are all or nothing. At expiration, the trader on the correct side of the question collects $100, minus nominal fees. The trader on the wrong side collects nothing. There are just two possible outcomes: You collect basically $100 or nothing.

The most you can lose is what you paid to enter the trade, which is some fraction of $100 plus fees. And the fees are ridiculously low. You pay $1.00 to enter each contract, and a $1.00 trading fee to exit the trade early, or a $1.00 settlement fee if you exit with your option in-the-money. If your option expires worthless, you pay no additional fee. Plus, there's a cap on the fee you'll pay on any one trade. That cap is just $50. So even if you trade 100 or 200 contracts in a trade, you still pay only $50 in fees.

You can get out of contracts early if you want. So if you're in a contract that looks like it may lose, and you want to salvage some of your premium, or you want to protect profits on a winning contract, you can exit the trade at any time for the current premium.

To recap, at expiration, if you have a winning trade, you collect $100, minus your premium (some fraction of $100) and fees for each contract. If you have a losing trade, the most you can lose on each contract is your premium (some fraction of $100), and fees. How can this lead to a big payout? It's all because of . . .

The Magic of Multiplication

Suppose you say “Yes, Gold will be above $1,300 at 4:30 today,” and you buy one binary option for $33 plus a fee of $1. Then, suppose you're correct. At 4:30 you collect $100, and your profit is $100 – $33 premium – $1 entry fee – $1 settlement fee = $65. If you did two or three of those trades a day, or a week, you'd have some nice extra income.

But now, let's say you had traded 100 binary options instead of just one. (You would only trade so many once you were an accomplished binary option trader.) Your cost to enter the trade would be $3,350 ($33 x 100 contracts + $50 maximum fee). Having been on the correct side of the statement, at 4:30 you would collect $10,000 ($100 x 100 contracts). Your profit would be $10,000 minus $3,350 = $6,650 – in less than a day.

Your maximum risk on the trade was $3,350 – you couldn't lose any more than that. You'd never get a margin call. And if you saw the market moving against you earlier in the day, you could have exited the trade to recoup some of your premium.

My Powerful, All Online Program Puts You on the Binary Bandwagon – FAST!

Binary options are easy to trade, but as with anything new, getting down the basics requires some study and practice. Watching an experienced trader go through the entire process of planning and executing trades can certainly help. That's why I put together a multimedia instructional package, Binary Options: Fixed Risk, Known Cost. Your full package includes all this:

Binary Options: Fixed Risk, Known Cost PDF Manual

Here's the whole story in one convenient place: the basics of Binary Options, how to open an account, how to plan trades and place orders, and more. You will learn:

  • Basics of Binary Options
  • How to Place Orders
  • How to Plan Trades
  • How to Use a Working Order
  • How to Open an Account and Get Started
  • And more!
Binary Options Cover

Streamable 7-Disc Binary Options: Fixed Risk, Known Cost Set

The video portion of your package allows you to watch me as I apply this great new way to trade in actual markets.

The real value to you as a CommodityTrends member is that I let you in on my thinking as I use familiar CommodityTrends strategies to identify and plan trades.

As you know, I never trade randomly. Even with a simple instrument like binary options, I never leave anything to chance. I always try to put the odds in my favor by reading the technical clues on my charts to help me anticipate market direction and time entries and exits. All the good training and market savvy you've already developed as a CommodityTrends Course Member will help put you ahead of 90% of the other traders out there.

Here's what you'll find on your 7-streamable video set (total running time, nearly 5-1/2 hours):

  • DISC 1: In-depth coverage of binary option basics, working with NADEX, how to easily open an online account, order types, and how to place orders to enter and exit markets
  • DISC 2: Using three special CommodityTrends strategies with binary options, how to recognize trade setups, how to build a watchlist, and which charts to use.
  • DISC 3: Watch me as I carry out three sample trades from start to finish. Once you see how I do it, and you realize how easy it all is, you'll have the confidence to do this on your own.
  • BONUS DISCS 1 & 2: Coverage of issues vital to successful trading such as money management, understanding the power of ROI (Return On Investment), trading time frames, selecting binary option strike prices and expirations, top down analysis, and using formation analysis to trade binary options.
  • BONUS DISCS 3 & 4: Additional insight into trading formations, top down analysis, and ROI. Discussion of momentum analysis, using the Cycle study, and using the NADEX demo account.
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My Trade Alerts Whenever the Markets Start Moving

Markets are always on the move. You never know when the next big opportunity will be setting up. But you don't want to have to be tied to your computer monitor to catch them all.

Well, you don't have to be, because I will do all the monitoring for you, and when I see something happening that I think you must know about, I'll send you an immediate alert.

You see, I've made it easy for you. You can relax while I do all the work!

My Trade Alerts Whenever the Markets Start Moving

This really is the complete program that puts you in the position to profit the simple way – with binary options on NADEX. But if you still have questions, you can always call one of my Course Counselors. They're always happy to help you stay on track.

Harness the Power of “Yes” and “No” With Binary Options.

Binary options are the perfect way to trade if you're new to trading, on a limited budget, are risk averse, want quick trades, don't want to spend much time watching the markets, want something simple and inexpensive to trade – or you're an accomplished trader who would just like to expand your horizons.

In other words, no matter what kind of trader you are, trading binary options on NADEX holds tremendous promise for you. This extraordinary program can help you turn this promise into profit. Call 1-844-924-6279 today and we will rush your package to you, and before you know it you'll be ready to say “Yes” to profits by trading binary options on NADEX.

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